lunes, 21 de marzo de 2011

Second Meeting with Christi :D

Well, before start, i want to say Thank's to my teacher Doris Molero, because she was who introduce me to this amazing and interesting project Called Russian Exchange.

So, on the second meeting; Christi and Me try to make a comparison between Russia and Venezuela.

First, we talk a about our climate, she said to me that Russia have too much climates, because it can depend of the season of the year, and can depend of the place where the ppl live. It was very astounding to know that on winter they can have almost -30ºc Degrees!! but on summer, they also can have a very warm temperature of 25/30ºc degrees max...

We also talk about the cities on our country ... When she describe Omsk, she said that is a not so big citie, with chummy ppl, and nice places ... u can find everything in Omsk... Also said that the Biggest cities of Russia is Moscow, who also, is the capital of Russia, all the powers of the government is on there.

Christi, show me one of the most amazing cities of Russia, the name is " Saint Petersburg " ... in fact she told me that this cities is one of the most architectonic cities on russia, and the pictures are just fantastic, i would like to live there!!

Well, something else that we talk, was about the Myths of Russia... She said something very very funny and " in my opinion " very true.
Theres a myth who say that almost 90% of Russian Womans are so much Beautiful. Another myth about Russia, say that the Russian Ppl is uneducated... Really i dont approve that myth, bcuz as i can see, Russia have completely educated and lovely people.

When i ask her about likes and dislikes of her country, and things about thats she's proud of her country she said that doesnt like the rudeness of the boys, and the corruption... She likes Russia bcuz it have an completely interesting history and bcus also have an extremely big territory. She's proud of Russia because is one of the biggest and powerfulness countries of the world, and also because have lovely people and beautiful womans. She think that she is one of that beutiful womans haha!

And finally , we talk about places that i have to visit, if i go to russia...

She talk about a place named " Sochi " its a little city of russia with an warm temperature, very similar to " Miami " climate.. And something awesome of Sochi, is that there is going to be the next Olympic Games on 2014.

Well, this is how i finish the second Meeting with Christi... and i will post some pictures about we talk on the Second Meeting! ...

Here, a picture of Omsk;Russia on Winter

Here, a Picture of Sochi;Russia... A place similar to Miami, in Russia

And This is the last one, but my favorite.. Saint Petersburg, also know as " The Second Venice " on the Night

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