martes, 22 de marzo de 2011

So, Now the 3rd Meeting (; with Christi

Well, on the third meeting, Christi and me have to talk about our typical working day, our ways to relax , the typical problems of being a student, likes and dislikes of being student, and the opportunities of be an student.

When i ask to Christi if he works, she said no, but all his live goes around the university, all of his time is consumed there. As i can see , she is such an amazing student, in my point of view, bcuz she love whats she is doing... She usually wakes up at 6.45 am, but she is on the classroom 9.45 am. In his week schedule also is go to the Gym, and do Yoga.

If im not wrong, this is a picture of the University where she study.. Named " Omsk State University "

All the students all around the world get stressed sometime, and usually we have to find ways to relax ourself, when Christi and me talk about this, she told me the ways she use to get relaxed.

She usually go and walk with his friend Christina, his mom or dad. Also, go to the Cinema... the swimming pool... go shopping ( all the girls do that [; ) . But through everything, the yoga is the better thing that she do to get relaxed.

After this, we start to talk about the likes and dislikes of being an student and also the opportunities that we get on all the time that we spend on the university.

We are in complete agreement when we think that the students sometimes havent the whole time that they need, sometimes the life turns surreal with all the homeworks and all the stuff that we , as people have to do on a normal day. Another point was the Relationships on the University, sometimes, this make the permanence on the University so awful, and that can be bad to the development on the career.

Christi likes to be an student, because, she think that this is the way that we use to be prepared to the future, and also to have an amazing performance on all the situation that we are going to confront.

And finally, about the opportunities , Christi and me believe that all the opportunities that the university give to us , make us better, make us consider the whole thing that we are going to reach on the life. This is why we study, why we are prepairing to make a future change on the world.

This was we talk about our 3rd meeting, i hope u like to read this!! Goodbye, and Happy Water Day to the Earth <3

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