lunes, 14 de marzo de 2011

A little bit about my First meeting with Christi

Well, in this occasion i will talk a little bit about what was my first meeting with Christi Gaponenko.

About she i can say, that its a very interesting person, its very easy have a conversation with him because fortunately we think the same about few things.. and also is such an intelligent girl, know too much about a lot of countrys and thats amazing for me! In our conversation we talk about our families, she told me that she have a short but very cute family, they are just mother , father and she! In fact, something that impress me was the name of his mom, Called "Maya" who is a very LatinAmerican name! She have a BFF ( or BestFriend Btw haha ) called the same like him , who go with she anywhere... they talk too much, hang out.. smile together and everything. She likes when the ppl is very truth with him, she likes the music, and ofc likes a lot the languages all around the world, in fact, shes studying to be an Translator, for me thats wonderful, because i also like to learn languages that i dont even what mean haha. So anyway, she dont like when the ppl lie, doesnt like the unjustice and the unfaith.

When we talk about Idols, she told me that she admire Angelina Jolie bcuz, its one of his favorites actrees, she like her movies and everything..
Also, i can say that Christi says that she look alike Angelina Jolie, hahaha, what about that!? :P

So, i think thats everything that i have to say about the first meeting with Christi!! Peace and Make love, NOT WAR!!

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  1. "Christi says that she look alike Angelina Jolie, hahaha, what about that!? :P" It is not the truth)))not I,but my friends say so)))))ahahaha...