lunes, 14 de marzo de 2011

Be EcoFriendly

EcoFriendly, why not to be FRIENDLY with the environment?... In this year , we have to admit that we are making too much damage to the world, and we have to stop that immediately.

On the 2010-2011 in the whole world , all the countrys are trying to adopt this new system, based in use the less energy as possible, also, use things marked with ECO-LABELS and try to not make more damage to our planet.

Anyway... This is not the only thing that we can do... Also, we have to try to reduce the trash that we throw on the streets, on our University URBE, try to walk a little bit more and use at least the car, and is not too bad idea stop smoking , all that gases goes to the Ozone layer, and even make damage to our lungs.

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