lunes, 7 de febrero de 2011

World Celebrations: International Festival of Song at Viña del Mar

The internatinal Festival of Song at Viña del Mar, its a fantastic music festival, considered the most important of Latin America. In that festival, the most oustrageous musicians sing and make an amazing show singing and play instruments like gods. Actually, singers like Noel Schajris, Juan Luis Guerra , Soda Stereo , Mecano , Placido Domingo and others , make this , a festival with amazing rankings around the world, with at least 15.000 people live , and almost 50.000 T.V Watchers.

This is one of my favorites, because i think that the music is the lenguage of soul, and have the oportunity to see all those good singers together make me feel inspirated.
Me and my family, when this festival its on TV , sing all the songs on TV, its a very funny thing, an we enjoy it as a family.

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